Logic & Creativity
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Virtual Reality

Thinking Outside the Frame

Storytelling in Virtual Reality presents an opportunity to make and break the rules for a new medium. These immersive experiences transport audiences. Viewing from within a headset, one dedicates their full attention as the canvas encompasses their entire field of view. It’s all around you.


Voss Foundation Phetsile's Story  

Join Phetsile, a young mother, as she takes us on her daily journey to secure safe water for her family and imagines what is possible for her future. Experience the transformative moment when a new water pump is drilled and installed near her homestead for the first time.


Visual Highlights Summer 2017

Sunday Fight

Bahamas Music Festival



Grapefruit Disguise

Two lovers traverse a continent, reuniting in a surreal desert where time speeds and slows in spasm. Their bodies meld with the mountain rocks. Colors emote as they embrace before they slink back to their separate spaces.



The People's Boat: SS Columbia 360

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The SS columbia will be a new cultural venue – a floating platform for arts, education, and entertainment connecting New York City to the Hudson Valley. Columbia is a steamship, originally constructed in 1902 with capacity to carry 2500 people.  The People’s Boat illustrates the ship as it is today – as well as honor the past and represent future visions for what she will become. Impressionistic movement, musical and poetic performers interact within and adjacent to the ship.


Adidas NYC Flagship Tour


The new Adidas NYC Flagship at 565 Fifth Avenue is the biggest Adidas Store ever. Inspired by an American football stadium and with four floors to explore, fans can craft the lifestyle represented by one of the most iconic global brands. In December, the Adidas NYC Flagship VR Experience debuted at the Adidas HQ in Germany.


Palace of Variety: The Slipper Room

A trip into the Lower East Side’s notorious burlesque theater, The Slipper Room.


A Place of My Own

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Despite losing his legs after being pushed onto the subway track, Kenny maintains a sage-like positive attitude. Kenny is homeless and a recipient of food and clothing outreaches from nonprofit, JoyJ. We could always find him at the same spot, until one day he just wasn’t there.


DREAM at Burning Man


Idgy Dean does Breakneck Ridge


Sonos Store - Exploration with Erick the Architect

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The first-ever Sonos Store opened in SoHo, NYC. It’s a place where you can listen better and explore music as it should sound like in your home. We invited Erick Arc Elliott, aka Erick The Architect, of Flatbush Zombies to come by and explore – and talk to us about how he makes and listens to music.